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WEDDING MAKEUP | The pros and cons of hiring a makeup artist and hair stylist for your wedding day

Updated: Feb 9

You've got the dress, you've got your bridal crew sorted, you've narrowed down some shoe choices and perhaps you've picked your florist. Hell yes!

But there's one thing you may have overlooked in your quest to get everything done and it's REALLY important: your wedding makeup.

Why? Your wedding day is likely to be the most photographed day of your life. While the dress, the catering and the blooms are all ultra important things to consider, bridal beauty needs to be high on your list too!

Below, we've outlined some of the things to weigh up, including the cost of the additional stress and time involved in doing these things yourself.

Pro: It’s one less thing to think about

There are a million and one things to think about on your wedding day. Does the caterer have everything in order? Have the flowers arrived? Are your vows just how you want them? So having one less thing to worry about can be great. Most makeup artists come to you, which is a big time saver, and you can do a practice run in advance so you know what to expect when the day arrives.

Con: It can be expensive

If you’re on a tight budget, hiring a makeup artist may be a big expense. This is because you will likely get ready with your bridal party, and if you have your makeup done for you, it is sometimes considered customary that you cover the cost of your bridesmaids’ looks as well. One way of saving money, particularly if you have a large bridal party, is to ask your bridesmaids to pay for their own makeup, while you look after your's and maybe your mum's. Or you could ask your makeup artist if they do a group discount for a large group if you have bigger numbers. If you can't afford both hair AND makeup, perhaps you could get your makeup done and have everyone DIY their hair in a super simple low pony tail or messy bun? You could also look for makeup artists who offer payment plans or flexible terms so you can pay off your weding as you go, so there isn't a big expense left to pay ont he actual day. At Killer Queen, I'm more than happy to help come up with a plan of instalments that suits you and your budget.

Pro: It will make you feel special

It's your BIG DAY! You deserve to feel pampered, cared for and looked after! After months and months of planning, it's your turn to take a seat, put your feet up, and enjoy yourself.

Everyone loves to be pampered, and giving yourself an extra treat on your wedding day just might be the boost you need. It makes sense to leave your prep in the hands of an expert, so you can sit back and relax knowing that your bridesmaids will be on time, and you get the time you deserve to prepare and chill - without worrying about a single thing.

Having a positive experience during the day while getting ready will make you feel so much more relaxed and confident as you get ready to take the plunge and get married. And it's the time you will look back on with your closest gal pals as a really special and fun time. Take the stress out of it and make it a time to remember by leaving it to the experts to get you ready to rock!

Con: More vendors & moving parts to your wedding planning

Yep, booking a beauty stylist for your big day is one more vendor to worry about! There's researching artists in your area. There's finding someone that sutis your style, and then all the emailing back and forth to see if they're available. Booking trials, paying deposits, signing contracts etc. On top of everything else, you may feel you just don't have the time.

It's worth weighing up the time you will save booking another vendor with the time you will lose on the day doing your makeup and hair yourself (and the time you will spend stressing about all the extra things you'll have to do). At Killer Queen, it's my mission to make your booking experience as easy as possible, and the journey to your wedding day cruisy. I don't want to cause you any undue stress and will do everything I can to be responsive and do all the back-end stuff for you.

I know planning a wedding is stressful- I've done it! I send you beauty prep advice so you're not left wondering what to do. I'll book in your trial and send you all the info you need for the trial day and how to prepare. I'll give you a great in-depth trial with heaps of info. and even organise a wedding day schedule for you and all your BM's so you don't have to worry about it. You'll get autmotic appointment reminders so you'll never forget an appointment and I make payments super easy through our secure online payment system. You don't have to fret when you book with Killer Queen- I've got you covered.

Pro: They'll know what products to use to suit your skin and what will look good in your photos

It’s not just about your makeup look on the big day. It’s also about caring for your skin in advance to prevent facial issues such as breakouts, dryness or oiliness or dark circles under the eyes. A professional will know what your skin needs to look healthy and radiant, and how to expertly hide any flaws.

They'll also have a larger range of higher quality products to make you look your best. A wedding makeup artist will use superior products to create a unique look that will match your theme and last the whole day. They’ll know how to keep your makeup locked in for 16 hours of partying (and crying), whereas your everyday makeup might be totally melted down by the time you kick off your evening commute.

They'll also know what works- and what doesn't. Wedding makeup is a whole different ball game from everyday makeup. And even if you’re generally pretty skilled when it comes to your your day-to-day routine, there are certain techniques, trends and skills that professional wedding makeup artists know to use for important events that you have probably never heard of (hello, that’s why we pay them!).

They also will be better at contouring without making you look like a Kardashian (can any of us mere mortals master that skill?), hiding under eye circles without making them appear pasty in pictures and applying false lashes like a ninja.

Con: You're afraid you might not look like yourself

As experienced as makeup artists are, they haven’t been tending to your face for years as you have. And that could lead to your makeup being absolutely perfect in nature but not seeming quite like you. It’s important to find a balance between looking like the beautiful person you are and still feeling special.

The key to this is communucation, planning, and booking in a trial to test out things you like and don't like,. Your trial is a great chance for your stylist to get to know you, your face shape, your skin and eye colour, and any special needs you may have or areas of concern.

The trial is where we get to know one another and find out what your goals are and how we can make you look like the best version of your self. At Killer Queen, I offer in-depth trials to really get to know what you are after and customise a look that suits YOU. I don't do cookie cutter beauty- it's about what suits you and the level of makeup you're comfortable with. Sure, it may be a little more than what you're used to for the camera, but at the end of the day I'm not about making you look like someone completely different. You want to look like you- but enhanced!

I always stress to my clients that communication is EVERYTHING! Bringing photos of makeup you like is a great visual guide which can give me a really good idea to what kind of makeup you like. If you go into your trial with a good idea of what you like, we can tweak and refine it to find a look you're 100% happy with.

Pro: They do great work, super quick

Maybe you’re good at makeup, but add on all the pressures of your wedding morning (time passing by faster than it ever has, your bridesmaids and mother chatting at a mile a minute all around you, bags and bags of your stuff sprawled out everywhere, a million last-minute things on your to-do list) and you could face some serious adversity.

Professional makeup artists on the other hand? They’re used to working under pressure and in hectic environments. So you can sit down, get pretty, and get on with your big day, without second-guessing whether your cat eye will take a few tries to get right or your mascara will accidentally drag across your perfectly applied foundation and you’ll have to start all over. If all you hire your professional wedding makeup artist for is to economise your time and cut down on stress on your wedding morning, it’s worth the money.

Con: You may offend a friend / mum who wants to do it for you

Some brides love the idea of having a bridesmaid or friend fix their hair, shoot their pictures, or even doing their own makeup. It can be a cost saving, and let's face it: weddings can be DAMN expensive.

You might have a super-talented friend or bridesmaid who offered to do your makeup and you don't want to make them feel bad by hiring a professional and cutting them out. I get it: you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or leave anyone out of your big day.

The main difference between makeup-loving pals and professional wedding makeup artists whom you’re paying is exactly that: you’re paying the latter! So you can be picky to get the look you like,

Although having a friend do your hair or makeup for you may save some money, using a friend's gift or talent for your wedding might not always be desirable; it could cause unnecessary tension in the relationship.

Could you imaging asking them to redo things over and over again if something's not right, while trying not to hurt their feelings or get into an argument? With a friend you’re not compensating you may feel too polite to ask for exactly what you like (which could result in a subpar makeup look on the most photographed day of your life!)

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for - and it's usually better to pay for something so you have complete control over the outcome than put up with what someone has offered for free (even if it's out of the goodness of their heart) and not like it.


Remember, makeup artists use your wedding photos for their websites (to get more clients!) so they want a perfect look for you just as much as you do—you’re on the same team in wanting a top-notch finished product, no matter how much tweaking it takes.

We suggest hiring an expert if:

  • You want to soak up all of the morning of your wedding day and relax

  • You want to try a more complex look than you are used to

  • You are unsure what look you want to create or what sutis you

  • You don't exactly know how to match your foundation

  • You're not sure how to use makeup brushes

  • You are hiring a professional photographer and have a specific look you want to achieve from the photos

  • You have a small collection of makeup

  • You don't have the confidence to apply your own makeup

  • You may be busy with other things on the day of your wedding

  • You want to relax and have the best experience possible on your wedding day and enjoy it

At Killer Queen, I am passionate about providing a zen, relaxed and fun experience to kickstart your day the RIGHT way. You can kick back and relax knowing that I'll be creating the perfect vision completely customised to YOU that reflects your AMAZING style and individuality

I've got your look covered!

If you're a wild-at-heart bride-to-be? Get in touch today and let's get some magic happening!