WEDDING MAKEUP | 5 things to look for when booking a makeup & hair stylist

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Finding the right stylist to do your hair and makeup can seem like a marathon effort.

When it comes to finding the right makeup artist and hair stylist for your big day, there are many things to consider- and it goes beyond simply how well they do makeup and hair, or how much they cost.

It makes sense to leave your wedding makeup and hair in the hands of an expert, with all the best products, tools and techniques to create a flawless look for you on your special day. A makeup artist can take away that added bit of stress that you don't need on your big day, and it's a peaceful timeout for you and a welcome dose of calm.

There are a number of things to consider in your search for the perfect stylist for your day.

Below are 5 things for you to look for when choosing a hair and makeup artist and finding a perfect match.

Personal vibe

We recommend choosing a team that you trust and vibe with. Book an artist you feel comfortable with, that you communicate easily with and who you feel you can trust. The makeup artist’s first priority is to provide beautiful wedding makeup, for sure- but they should also help to boost your confidence and soothe your raw nerves in those last hours before you walk down the aisle.

Do you gel with the way they communicate? With their brand voice? If you're a pretty traditional kinda bride who veers on the conservative side you may not feel comfortable with someone who's a bit sweary and a bit tell it how it is.

The best way to see if you dig someone's style and their vibe is to check out their socials, sign up to their newsletter, have a look around their website and get a sense for what they're about- and if they align with you, bingo! They're probably your people.

Get in touch, ask for a quote, have a chat on the phone. Arrange a meeting or a trial and go forth and see if you feel the sparks!

They will be your friend and confidante on the day, so they have to be someone you trust, someone who gets you and makes you feel relaxed. You don't necessarily need a witty conversationalist or someone who will be your mum's new BFF (they are there to do a job after all), but if you get on well with them and feel comfortable around them, you are going to have a rad, relaxing time getting ready- which is what you need and deserve.

Their skills and style

Obviously, you want someone who does great work!

As well as this, its important to find someone whose work resonates with your style, and the kind of look you are thinking.

Check out their folio on their website and their socials. Do they only ever post photos of work on flawless 20 year old models with perfect skin, or do they post pics of their work on real people? This will give you a good indication that they can work on all age groups and skin types and still make you look great. Are they sponsored by any particular brands? This may mean they only work exclusively with that brand and only use their products? Does their style fit with yours? If you're a traditional bride looking for classic, high end makeup and perfectly coiffed hair, you'll want to find someone who specialises in that kind of work. If you're a boho bride who likes to look really natural with barely-there makeup and beachy waves, again, look for someone who does a lot of that work rather than someone who does all-out glam.


Are they experienced in weddings or are they an editorial makeup artist or an avant garde/ fashion hair stylist?

Weddings are a specialty and a stylist who specialises in weddings will know the innate and unique pressures of a wedding day. They'll be more adept at working to a wedding day schedule, better at minimising stress, working in cramped busy conditions and working around hurdles.

Having someone experienced with wedding hair and makeup minimises risk. Stylists who work with brides will understand their particular needs better and be able to serve you better in the lead up to your day as they'll have their processes down pat.


Do they provide information in a timely fashion? Your stylist should be responsive to your enquiries and any questions you have. No, that doesn't mean you should expect an answer back within 5 minutes of shooting them an email at 1am in the morning (boundaries!) It means that if you have questions or concerns, they get back to you in a timely way and not leave you hanging. The mroe responsive they are when you ask for a quote generally means that they'll be attentive throughout the countdown to your day. It's a long road between booking them in and the actual day and you'll probably have questions to ask, so you'll need to find someone you can trust to get back to you.

Transparency is also really important- are they clear about all their costs for your day, how to pay, how to lock you date in? Do they charge for travel, on site fees, early start times? Do they provide you with a contract outlining all their terms? This is really important- you want to make sure there are no hidden costs or unexpected surprises on your big day. A professional who has experience in the industry will have their systems and contracts all in place so that you can relax and feel confident that things are watertight.

Are they realistic about their skills and their abilities? I know if I receive an enquiry that is too big for me to handle, I will definitely let the client know that I will need another stylist on the day. Likewise if there's a request for a hairstyle that I am unfamiliar with, or don't have the expertise in. I am clear about this to my client rather than bluffing my way through and not being able to deliver.


Do they offer good bang for buck? Do they offer free lashes and skin prep or do they charge extra for that? Alongside transparency, if your stylist seems to provide good value for money that means they're doing a good job to make sure you're getting everything you need. Do they provide you with advice on how to prepare your hair and skin for your big day along with timelines of when to get important things done by? Or do they leave that up to you to work out (even though you're busy enough planning a wedding!)

Do they put together a schedule with you for your big day so that you're not having to worry about who's getting what done and when? Or will they leave that up to you to figure out (eeeek!!!) Look for things that they offer that will save you time and stress- which is worth its weight in gold.

At Killer Queen we love to help our brides get ready for their day with as little stress as possible. We're here to answer your questions and concerns, and address anything you're not sure of.

We hope this guide helps you when you're looking at vendors and trying to decide who to choose for your big day. It always come down to much more than how much they cost and and if they do nice work. Remember, they're with you most of the day while you get ready for a huge moment in your life, so trust and comfort are a huge thing. You want to know you're in good hands and that the person you hire will take care of your every need and know what they're doing in any scenario. The more you vibe with them and know they're a right fit, and the more professional and experienced they are, means it will be much more smooth sailing for you in the lead up to your epic love party!

Want to chat to us about your wedding day plans? Get in touch today- we'd LOVE to hear from you about your crazy cool plans!

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