MAKEUP TIPS | R-E-S-P-E-C-T your brows!

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

When people ask me about my biggest skin care and makeup blunders from my youth, I can think of a few. Oh yep, I've been there.

I was always an experimental type. I'd DIY face masks for my problematic teenage skin out of clay masks, toothpaste, tea tree oil and acne cream all mixed together into one scary as shit concoction. I'd hope and pray that smothering that my skin in a thick layer of sludge would scare those pimple fuckers off so hard they'd never even think about coming back. I was quite the little bathroom alchemist. Yikes. Needless to say, it didn't work. But it did help to fuel my angst over my skin and obsess over it. Yay!

In my late teens I went through a goth stage where I'd wear mostly black or blue metallic liptcik, with white as a sheet foundation thanks to the the most ivory stick foundation I could get my hands on, topped off with a big heavy-handed smatter of baby powder to give it that extra white sheen. Mmmmm, nice. I shudder at the thought of all that talc seeping in to my youthful pores.

At the same time, I'd wear my eyebrows arched, thin and almost non existent....I'd pluck at them pretty much EVERY DARN DAY, until they were almost obliterated. In my defense, it was the 90s, it was the THING. If you weren't there, check out this scary take on modern day celebs with 90s brow makeovers to see what I'm banging on about.

It became an obsession to have really fine thin lines for eyebrows, with hardly any hair. Looking back at old pics, I look more than a bit scary. My eyebrows had such a pointed look they were like sign posts pointing to the sky. Groan. Shudder. Facepalm.

If only I'd had someone, like future me, step in tell me to put the goddamn tweezers DOWN.

To not treat my brows like the enemy. To not pluck at every single errant stray hair like it had to be eradicated. To not buy into current trends and phases at the detriment of future me.

Because the thing with brows? You can get away with plucking them to a point- but then they just stop growing back after a while. It's like those little hairs just get sick of the repeated, vicious yoinking of the tweezers and just decide to jump ship permanently, leaving a barren hair follicle in it's place.

Don't be like this with your brows. Treat them well, like a friend who's always there just hanging around. Give them love, nurture them to grow. Make your brows a safe space. 

Don't wax or tweeze the shit out of them and wish them away, because one day? Your wish may just come true.

Learn from my mistakes people! Love hard on your brows, give them some gentle attention in the form of a comb through every now and then maybe run a little jojoba oil or serum through them for good measure. Be gentle, like a mermaid riding a pegasus through the clouds.

Achieving your perfect brow shape, size, and texture doesn't happen overnight. The journey requires patience, self-control, and above all, time.

Bottom line is, you've gotta give those brows some big ol' r-e-s-p-e-c-t if you want to still have eyebrow hair in your late 30s and beyond.

If you want some help with your brows and aren't sure how to shape them, define them or fill them in to suit your face or your lifestyle, why not come see me for a makeup masterclass or a brow-lovin' mini session, where I show you allll my tricks and secrets to making those brows look better than they ever have.

I'll show you how you can easily re-create GREAT BROWS every day without ever having to worry about looking like a 90s tragic. How to map and shape them, fill them in and groom them, and how to colour match and look after them.

Seriously, your eyebrows deserve it and so do YOU.

Yours in eyebrow solidarity,


Danee Bolan

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