MAKEUP TIPS | Modern 70s Eye Makeup Tutorial

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Bring out your glam disco queen with this modern 70's eye make-up tutorial! Here we've used some signature retro techniques and updated it for the modern muse, to make it more wearable for day into night glamour.

At Killer Queen we ADORE 70's style, hair and makeup. The big hair, the glitter, the uninhibited fashion, the sequins, the MORE EVERYTHING. Style icons like Bianca Jagger, Jerry Hall and Diana Ross are some of our biggest inspirations and we are always looking to channel Charlie’s Angels-era hair or Cher's megawatt lashes.

As much as we LOVE a good lilac pastel eye, today we've used smoked out mauves and chocolates to give it a more modern feel and bring out our model Storm's amazing eye colour.

Browns, nudes and neutral shades are universally flattering for any skin and eye colour and go with any shade you are wearing- they're also a great way to make your look timeless.

Because we wanted to channel that 70s big eyed look, we used false lashes on the upper AND lower lashes, and added a touch of disco sparkle to the eyelids to keep that 70s vibe alive and well.

This look can be adapted for anything - dial it up for a night time soiree or tone it down sans lashes for a neutral daytime look.


Prep and prime

Prime your eyelids with an eye primer or cream eye shadow base before doing any eye makeup look. Spread the primer evenly over the entire lid. I used a MAC cream eyeshadow base applied all over with a soft brush to even out any eyelid discolouration and provide a perfect base for the eye shadows to grip onto.

Products used:

  • Mac Paint Pot in Painterly


Define your shape with pencil

I used a pencil to shape and sculpt the eyes, a technique that was hugely popular in the 70s to really bring that sharp contrast between the crease and the lid. The pencil gives good control and it's easy to clean up any mistakes if you go off course. I used a lip pencil as they are nice and soft and blend well. Simply draw a line softly just above your natural crease line and sweeping outwards and upwards. Use your colour of choice- I used a mid chocolatey brown as I wanted to keep the eye quite neutral. 

Products used:

  • NYX Long Lip Pencil in Chestnut


Blend and add contour

I blended the line with a soft fluffy eye shadow brush to blend the harsh line out as I wanted a more modern, diffused look. I used a light sweeping of a neutral nude / taupe colour on the brush to help blend the colour up and outward to give the eye some lift. Keep your eyes open while doing this so you can see what you're doing.

I used a matte shadow to really help contour the eye and give a soft but defined shape. 

Products used:

  • Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Palette


Add colour underneath to bring balance to the eye

I drew a line underneath the eyes with a Charlotte Tilbury eye shadow pencil (these pencils are the bomb by the way!) I used a slightly different colour underneath as I really love this colour pencil and it's looks amazing with Storm's eye colour. It also has the slightest touch of metallic shimmer which looks really gorgeous and edgy. Adding colour underneath the eye gives balance to the eye and helps give that upward lift shape we are seeking. 

I made sure to meet the underneath colour up with the colour on the upper lid. Soften this line with a small fluffy brush and make sure its's well blended.

Products used:

  • Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eye Pencil in Amber Haze


Defining the lashline and bringing the drama

I used a small angled brush and dipped it into a dark brown/ black matte shadow, using it to define the outer lashline only. Using small strokes press the darker colour into the upper outer lashline and wing it out slightly. This will add drama to the outer third of the eye and also intensify the lashline with the need for liquid eyeliner.

I then used small rounded brush (sometimes called a pencil brush) and ran it over the line I'd created, smudging it out slightly so that it gave it a smoky look.

Products used:

  • Viseart 01 Neutral Matte eyeshadow palette


Adding some sparkle

I added some shimmer liquid eyeshadow just to the lids to glam them up and make them sparkle.

Adding a touch of glitter is a great nod to the 70's and really helps open the eyes up and make them sparkle- especially at night time. If you are glitter-averse there are lots of great liquid products on the market now that you can just dab or swipe on and let dry- they have literally  no fallout. I mixed Stila's liquid shimmer shadow with a Nyx liquid glitter.

Products used:

  • Stila Shimmer & Glow liquid eye shadow in Carefree

  • mixed with Nyx Glitter Goals liquid eyeshadow in Polished Pinup


Upper lashes

Curl top lashes and apply mascara to top and bottom lashes and let dry.

Place a small amount of glue into your lash tray and then sit the base of your lashes into the glue. Leave to sit for a minute or two to go tacky, then one at a time, apply the lashes to your upper lashline, getting as close to the base of your lashes as you possibly can.

A tip to putting on falsies is to tilt your head back slightly and look down your chin into a mirror. Don't close your eyes and  your eyes will tend to glue together!

Wiggle the lash into the right position using the tweezers- you have about a minute to do so before the glue loses it's stick, so don't panic.

I use a set of Velour lash tweezers to help me position the lashes correctly without getting glue on my fingers. 

Once the lash is in the right spot, press down with the tweezers or your fingers to secure them. You can also use your eyelash curler to clamp the false lashes to your natural lashes.

Repeat on other side.

Products used:

  • Modelrock striplashes #241

  • Modelrock clear lash adhesive (if you're allergic to latex please look for a latex-free glue)

  • Velour lash tweezers


Lower lashes

Adding a set of lashes at the bottom of your eyes may seem really EXTRA, but it really opens up your eyes and makes them look amazing if executed correctly!

I like to use a really natural strip lash underneath the eye so it's not too long or heavy.

Apply a small amount of glue along the band of the lash and let it dry for about 30 seconds to go tacky. Place the lash underneath your bottom lashes, aiming to get as close to your lashline as you possibly can so it looks natural. 

Once it's in the right position, use a flat eyeshadow brush to push the lash up into the roots of the lashline to secure it.  Repeat on other side.

Products used:

  • Modelrock striplashes #241


Finishing touches

Clean up any fallout or messy edges underneath your eye with a small makeup sponge dampened with some setting spray. You can use the sponge to sharpen and define the underneath line a little more if it's gotten a bit wonky.

Check your makeup in natural light and make sure everything looks even and blended. If necessary, grab a clean fluffy brush with a tiny bit of no-colour powder or a very light nude matte shadow and give them one last blend around the very edges of the eye colour to really blend it into the skin. 

Make sure your lashes feel secure- if not give them another gentle press with the flat shadow brush or your ring finger along the lashline.

Et voila! You're ready for the disco.


Photography and beauty: Danee Bolan @Killer Queen Creative

Model: Storm Crystal Brooks

Clothing: Sunny Days Vintage


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