MAKEUP TIPS | Rad AF red lip inspo for a red hot party season

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

It's no secret that red lips are one of my fave looks and one of my own signatures.

So I've put together a gallery of inspo plus some tips for you, for when you're ready to rock something a lil' bold & fun.

Whether you're looking to make a statement at your wedding, or wanting to glam things up for your xmas 'do or for new year hijinx, read all the tips and tricks and get a serious serve of inspo by checking out our top red lip looks below..

Frosty pink eye shadow and cherry-red lipstick

Sounds a little terrifying right? Storm Reid's gorgeous makeup proves that these two shades need not be scary! In fact, they can go together like avo on toast. For this gorgeous festive combination be sure to choose a red lippie that's blue-based (rather than orange-based), or that has some magenta undertones to ensure it harmonises with the cool tones of whatever pale pink shadow you choose.

Red lips + peachy eyes

Teaming a warm red lippie with a peachy/ copper eye lends an overall freshness and warmth to the face. Pop a peachy shade all over the eylid and extend to underneath the eye for symmetry and harmony. Stain your lips by dabbing the colour in with a finger and top with a clear gloss to give your lips a cherry-coated pop. A sweep of a warm blush will tie it all together.

Classic red with brushed up brows

Red lipstick for the festive season is like florals for Spring: it's not groundbreaking, but it sure is gorgeous! We love this true red hue on Nathalie Emmanuel, but feel free to choose something darker, lighter, pinker, or more orange-y depending on what works for you. Pair with natural, brushed up brows for a fresh and classic look.

Red glitter lips

If you love being the life of the holiday party, go all-out with a red glitter lip, like Chiara Ferragni’s. To recreate this festive look, swipe a cream red lip color all over your lips and then press on a superfine, crimson-colored glitter (do try an eco brand of glitter because, well normal glitter is an enviro bad guy). Be aware though if you're looking to get into the Xmas feast maybe save the lippie until after you're done eating - glittery lips + food can be extremely messy!

Matte red lips with dewy skin

Pairing a bold, bright red in a matte formualtion with gorgeous, glowing dewy skin makes the lips the star of the show, but also keeps the look fresh and pretty. A power matte lip works best on lips that have been exfoliated first, so make sure you've given them a good scrub and kept them moisturised before hand. Matte lips show up every little bit of dryness.

Bright and glossy

If you have short hair, you should 100% take this opportunity to show off your lovely facial features and try something bold with your makeup. A vivid cranberry lip and shimmery shadow plus winged eyeliner look stunning with simple hair with a bit of added texture.

Vintage Glam

Go classic with your party look by rocking Veronica Lake-inspired waves and a gorgeous makeup combo à la Marilyn Monroe. This look is extremely popular for brides who want to look classic and glam in their photos. It works well with a long form-fitting dress or something without straps or a low neck. Be sure to have a touch up lippie to take with you so you can reapply when needed.

Morange lips with a top knot

Looking for something sleeker? Do as Zendaya does and pair up a topknot, sharp brows, and a crisp orange-red lip. MAC does a great one (aptly called Morange). A bright coral red looks great on olive skin tones. Give your teeth a little blast with some tooth whitenening strips beforehand if you're self conscious about your teeth- oranger-toned red lippies make teeth look a little yellowr (fun!)

Glittery smokey eye

Nothin' says festive like a pop of glitter. If you're feeling adventurous and want to go all out glam this party season, pair your bold red lip with a smoked-out eye, big lashes and a pop of glitter to the lid and underneath the eye. It's a look that screams party. A liquid lip works well as it will last longer than a regular lipstick; they can be drying, so make sure your lips are prepped well with lip balm and a lip primer beforehand to prevent them getting too dry.



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