MAKEUP TIPS | Meet our new beauty BFF : Kjaer Weiss

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

A new brand we've discovered and we're loving at the moment is KJAER WEISS (@kjaerweis)

Photographer: Paul Westlake

Not only do they make gorgeous products that show your true beauty and don't mask it, they are a leader when it comes to sustainable packaging.

Created by Danish-born pro makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis, they offer high performance makeup in stunning colors and luxurious packaging, with top quality organic formulations. They aim to be simple but not plain. Beautiful, but always genuine. Made right, and built to last.

While other brands use disposable casings for their makeup, founder Kirsten worked with award-winning designer Marc Atlan to create a thoughtful, refillable system of compacts, with the intention of reducing waste.

The results are a fusion of minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic with an unapologetic NYC spirit, creating a makeup that is as beautiful on your skin as it is to hold in its uniquely designed luxury and sustainable case.

Kjaer Weiss wanted something that looked and felt luxurious, not just another thing to discard.

Their game-changing Intelligent Refill System lets you refill all your makeup products, including eye shadow compacts, lipsticks, and mascara. The packaging is so beautiful; you’ll want to keep them forever.

Atlan created an architecturally stunning bold, metal compact enscribed with white enamel “KW” logos, which are housed in a red lacquer, grain-textured case similar to jewelry boxes. They can be easily refilled with your favorite KW product and like a true relic, they hold weight and will last - the perfect embodiment of how beauty, luxury and sustainability can coexist.

Kjaer Weis ensures that not only are all ingredients Certified Natural or Certified Organic, but that they always reach the standards of luxury beauty. That means makeup that really works and works with your skin, not against it. High-performing, luxury makeup that is, as everything should be, organic and sustainable.

This is the future of makeup babes. Makeup that's good for you, good for the earth and performs wonderfully.

Colour me OBSESSED: I can't wait to discover their range.

Merging the two worlds of luxury and sustainability without compromise, Kjaer Weiss are making the new norm.

Check them out if you're an eco warrior looking to support a brand that's making a difference!


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