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As we age our skin texture can change due to hormones and lifestyle changes. Where once it was oily it can now be dry and dehydrated. Gravity starts to pull everything down as our collagen production slows; this means that areas of our face that were once plump and tight start to become saggy and lose definition. Our eyes become more hooded and it becomes a little more challenging to make our eyes pop like they used to. This happens to everyone in different ways, depending on their lifestyle, ethnicity, sun exposure and genetics. We often find as we hit our 40s, most of the skin care and makeup we used when we were younger just doesn't work for us anymore. The techniques we might have used in our youth just look different, and can make us look older or more tired. But never fear- there are always ways to combat this. Here I've gathered some quick tips together if you need to update your curent routine and make our make up work FOR you rather than against.

Skin Care

  • Always use an eye cream to smooth the underye area and provide moisture

  • Use skin care products aimed at dry and mature skin; you want to be putting as much moisture back as possible- no harsh cleansers

  • Do a firming, moisturising sheet mask once a week - anything with hyaluronic acid, collagen and peptides is a good combo to rejuvenate skin and add much needed moisture

  • Use a good serum at night time targeted to your skin concerns

  • The more natural the better- steer clear of products with fragrance and alcohol as they aggravate and dry out the skin

Base & Concealer

  • Try a luminising primer underneath your foundation for a little extra glow

  • Look for light-medium coverage radiance foundations and BB/ CC creams which are designed to be more moisturing

  • I like Nars Sheer Glow, Face Atelier Pro, Georgio Armani Luminous Silk, and Chanel Vitalumiere

  • Remember to colour correct under eyes before concealing to cancel out dark shadows- we like Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector in Bisque

  • Use a light hand for all products- less is more

  • Conceal/ highlight under the eyes with a creamy, non-creasing concealer- I like Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

  • use powder under eyes to set, but use it verrrrry sparingly on a very soft small fluffy brush. Too much powder will settle into fine lines.

  • I like Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder


  • Always use a primer on your eyelids to smooth out the eyes and make a great base for your shadows. I like Tatcha The Silk Canvas

  • Less is more when is comes to eye shadow

  • Stick to lighter shades such as light brown, taupe, grey, peach and pink instead of heavier browns and blacks

  • Don't forget to run some light shadow under the eye to make your eyes balanced and open them up

  • Use shimmer very sparingly and only on the eyelid- not underneath the eye or above the crease as can magnify fine lines

  • Aim to create subtle dimension with your eyesahdow, without harsh lines

  • Pencil liner rather than liquid if your eyelids are creased or hooded- it's more forgiving and won't smudge everywhere

Lashes & brows

  • Get brows shaped regularly by a specialist who can ensure your brows are the right shape for your face. The right brow shape frames your eyes perfectly and can have a lifting effect

  • Always define the brows and set with a coloured brow gel to keep them in place- don't go too dark

  • Mascara ALWAYS- look for a tubing formula that adheres to the lashes and is designed not to smudge

  • Remember to curl your lashes first to open up your eye

Contour, blush and highlight

  • Contouring can be ageing. If you already have hollow temples or a thin face, avoid contour

  • Remember to contour the jawline. As we age our faces tend to droop, so this is the area where you want to create a straight line a long the jaw with soft shading

  • Don't use anything too dark- 2 shades darker is best

  • A cream contour will be easier to blend and give a more natural finish

  • Make friends with blush! As we age we lose pigment in the face so we can get away with a bit more colour. A cream blush will melt into your skin and look youthful

  • Bronzer helps give a golden, sun-kissed glow and is super flattering

  • Be strategic with highlighter- use it just on the tops of cheekbones, being careful to avoid the under eye region.

  • A cream highlight will look more natural than powder which can look harsh


  • As we age, the corners of our lips tend to pull down.

  • Create a slightly different shape with your lipstick to draw attention away from the lines that appear at the corners of our lips as we get older and our bottom lip gets heavier.

  • Use a small amount concealer over the edges of the lips before lining- this will help you to create a new shape

  • To make your lips more youthful, bring the bottom corner slightly in and up when lining

  • Don't be afraid of bold, bright colours- hot pinks, coral, cherry reds and orange reds are fun and vibrant- especially if we are paring our eye makeup back

  • Use gloss sparingly in the centre of the lips to give a bit more volume

More tips

  • Aim for your skin to look like skin- not a mask

  • Cream products over powders- creams blend better, melt into the skin, and don't emphasise fine lines as much as powder does

  • Nothing too dark- try brown eye liner pencil instead of black

  • Be wary of using too much powder to set the face- you only really want it in areas that get oily or can move (such as under eye)

  • Have fun and feel free to experiment with bright colours

Need more advice?

Still stuck? Book in for a 1:1 virtual makeup lesson where I'll help you do a look with full guidance- based on what you've already got and what would suit you! Investing in yourself is the BEST investment!


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