LADY LOVES: remembering Daphne Guiness

The heiress of the Guinness fortune, Daphne became an icon through her many roles as an artist, actress, muse, model, designer and collector of couture.

Its no surprise that the ever-changing and always intriguing Daphne Guinness is a massive style inspiration for many. She possesses a discriminatingly strong personal style, wearing haute couture effortlessly.

Since 1994, she has been in the International Best Dressed Hall of Fame and included in Tatler’s top 10 best-dressed list in 2010.

She's also collaborated with MAC to create her own make up line, spent two years mounting an exhibition of a hundred displays of her clothing for the Fashion Institute of Technology, and is notorious on the Brit social circuit a very close friend of the late great Alexander McQueen. Scheduled to model for charity on the runway the day his suicide was announced, Guinness veiled herself in mourning.

As a fierce style icon, and pioneer for the industry, her style, attitude and values stand in sharp alignment with a high couture aesthetic. Many look to her intensely cultivated style and elegance for inspiration.

Daphne's individuality is a defining feature. Despite growing up into a life of privilege she created her own independence and unquestionably original style, whilst still retaining her class and elegance.

With her sharp defined features, and two toned black and platinum hair, her signature edgy and high fashion style saw her heralded as a luminary of edgy chic. She was the muse to many photographers, fascinated by her beauty and feel for artistic performance.

Her influence on fashion has been large; her imaginative mind always seeing the legacy in fashion as important historical art. "It’s a very mathematical, artistic, ancient tradition. I would never dispose of anything that I’ve had made, it has my personal stamp on it.”

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