MAKEUP TIPS | How to get lashes for days

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Want to hear our TOP 8 TIPS for getting lashes for days? Need some help with how to stop getting panda eyes when you do your makeup? We'd guesstimate about 80% of our clients vote MASCARA as a must when rushing out the door with only 5 minutes to get ready. The difference mascara can make to your look is nothing short of AMAZING. All of a sudden- HELLO EYES!👉👁👁👈 Yet many of us don't take the time to properly apply it, or even wear it at all because it can be SO damn MESSY - kinda counterintuitive to getting ready quickly!!

As a makeup artist I'm constantly hearing from women who have a love/ hate relationship with mascara, so I'm here to give you my top tips for perfect mascara application every time.

BEHOLD- our TOP 8 TIPS! ⚡️CURL your lashes first- it only takes 30 seconds & ensures they're at their most lifted, meaning you don't have to put as much mascara on. And it's less messy putting mascara on curled lashes.

⚡️BEND the mascara wand to make it easier to control and apply to your lashes. The wands are flexible so it's easy to do. ⚡️TILT your head back just sightly when applying, and look DOWN to your chin.

⚡️WIGGLE the mascara wand right into the roots of your lash to get all the colour in at the base (bonus: you won't stab yourself in the eye if looking down) Once you've wiggled product into the roots, pull the wand up and through your lashes, distributing the mascara through. ⚡️Don't OVERLOAD your wand. You'll get clumpy lashes applying too much at once. You can always add a second coat after the first.

⚡️WAIT for your top lashes to dry before doing the bottom lashes. Turn your wand on its side & comb it through lightly using the point of the wand. ⚡️TOSS mascara every 3 months or so. It goes thick & harbours bacteria from expsoure to air. Gross. ⚡️ I like to buy a travel size of my faves, like the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, because it will run out faster & I'm not tempted to hold on to it. Do you you have any tips we haven't shared here? What's your mascara secret weapon?

Got any tricky makeup issues or questions that you just can't get to the bottom of? Feel free to hit me up- your local makeup maven, cosmetic junkie and beauty agony aunt!

And if it's all a little overwhelming? Don't stress. We've put together some killer workshops to help teach people the foundations of putting on makeup and demystifying products, brands, brushes and techniques. There's so much that's confusing and overwhelming about the beauty world, and it doesn't have to be.

Learn how to take control of your makeup and your life. MASTER that winged eyeliner! SLAY your eyebrow game! CONTOUR like a boss! Basically all the tips I've gleaned in my 7 years in the industry.

Our masterclasses EMPOWER you to make smart choices, and arm you with the knowledge and skills to be able to identify all the good stuff that you were blessed with.

I'll also teach you to have FUN with makeup, bringing out your own awesomeness and using it as a vehicle for self expression!

Sit back, sip on some champers and I'll talk you through step by step how to create a look that brings out what nature blessed you with.

Want to know more? Watch our sneak peak below!

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