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ALTERNATIVE WEDDINGS | Why weekday weddings are a total vibe for your 2020 or 2021 wedding

Have you had to postpone your wedding due to the current dreaded C-word pandemic?

I want you to know that it may not see like it now, but we are going to be ok and this won't last. And me and my merry band of ultra kickass vendor friends have your back and will help you in ANY way we can to get through this.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

While it may seem like a total headache to move your date and psotpone, know that wedding vendors in the industry are doing everything we can to try and help.

While it's not feasible or practical to move all weddings to another Saturday later in the year, or even next season given how far out we book, we are trying our very best to alleviate the situation by making the case for a weekday wedding. This allows couples to transfer their monies paid, keep their wedding A team AND support our businesses.

Many vendors will already be booked for Saturdays from Nov to May so finding new people of the same calibre may be challenging. Especially as a lot of couples book a year out- which is NOW.

Before you try to re-book your wedding to a weekend celebration, let us show you how a weekday wedding could be the perfect start to wedded bliss…

You are supporting the small businesses you chose as your team

You still get married in the awesome manner you wanted- with all your people there, able to share the love freely.

AND you retain the A Team of vendors you worked so hard to choose. This is a total win win for you and your vendors- meaning that you'll be able to transfer all the monies and deposits paid to your new date and not have to worry about losing money if a vendor is already booked.

Weekday weddings are usually cheaper

The majority of all things wedding-related is cheaper during the week. The venues have better priced packages, and most vendors will probably offer a great deal as well.

Family and friends will also thank you, as hotels in the local area will also be a lot cheaper. This means they can spend more on their outfit for your big day.

You can save so much money when booking a mid-week wedding, allowing you to put your wedding budget towards the details that add that all important personal touch.

You can spend more on the honeymoon

Wedding planning can really take it out of you, which makes the honeymoon so important to newlyweds. Some time to reflect on your special day and enjoy each other as a couple.

The extra money you save can go towards a more luxurious honeymoon. Whether it’s somewhere secluded and hot with cocktails, or an exploratory adventure, the perfect honeymoon is waiting to be booked.

More choice of vendors

Competition for your chosen entertainment, the best makeup artists, the most popular florists, local celebrants and even minor details like hiring of cake stands can be reduced significantly during the week.

The most sought-after wedding vendors will be booked up early during the weekends, meaning some couples end up settling for second best. Some even have to postpone their wedding to suit timings and availability.

Weekend weddings can also be chaotic for vendors, your wedding may not be the only one they have booked that day.

Weekdays can allow them time to give you their undivided attention, meaning better photos, and an all-round more relaxed feel.

More time to relax post-wedding

Weekday weddings are a total vibe. The new black. Think a Thursday wedding with a Friday off work to recover and still the entire weekend ahead. It's a self made long weekend! Total win.

Feel like you're doing something rebellious

Getting married during the week while everyone else is at work is a total badass vibe. You'll feel like you are having the ultimate party while every other sucker is stuck doing something totally boring. And if doing something different and untraditional is important to you, then thinking outside the square and getting married on a weekday is a total middle finger to tradtion and to the marriage insitution. Say F off Staurday weddings and get hitched on a day where no-one else is! You will feel so much badass, I swear.

Weekday weddings are going to be the next big thing. They'll allow you to keep your dream team if you unfortunately need to postpone due to current event restrictions around coronivirus.

Financially, they'll allow you to not lose any of your precious deposits as the majority if not all of your vendors will still be available. You'll still be able to get married in 2020, and you'll be showing your support and solidarity to all the small business that are involved in your wedding and KEEP them in business. A total win!

For your friends and family, they want to see you get married regardless of the day, and will move heaven and earth to be there for your special day, and most people would love the chance to take a day off for a wedidng and won't even bat an eye.

Do yourself a favour and consider the new trend of the weekday wedding. It's such a more relaxed, laidback vibe with an undertone of doing something completely against the grain!

Need advice on planning your weekday wedding and how to make it work for you? Feel free to message us at any time- we love to chat all things wedding and will help in any way we can to bring your dreams to life!

May love prevail!