Updated: Sep 13, 2019

There is NO DOUBT that red lips are a signature look for me. When I have time to do nothing more, a bright red lip can transform my face from bare, understated and boring to high impact and undone-glam in a matter of moments. Add some brows and a light CC or BB cream with a hint of bronzer + highlight, and I'm good to go in a hurry.

For weddings, there is nothing I love more than when a bride tells me she's going to rock a red lip. My heart does little happy palpitations because I just freakin' ADORE when a bride feels bold and confident enough to wear a loud red lip and go a little bit extra with her look. There's nothing quite like red lips to channel old Hollywood glam, or just bring a nice bang of colour to your whole ensemble. Bring it on, in spades, I say.

Photos: Blossom Daisy Creative

Photo: Blossom Daisy Creative

But when wearing a lip so bright and bold, we do have to mindful of two things in particular: prep and maintenance. We cannot usually just wear a red lip and run. We have to prep properly for it so that it will go the distance, and take a few little measures to ensure it's going to last.

Red lipstick can be a lot like a high maintenance toddler. A little demanding, a lot fussy, messy, and sometimes, super frustrating. It's no wonder so many people decide to leave the red lip behind and opt for something a little more fuss-free.

But did you know? Just like a mini dictator, the perfect red lip can easily be attained with *whistles* "just a little patience" and a few tricks up your sleeve.

So without further adieu, our top 7 tips for taming the savage beast that is the red lip and slaying it.

1. Preparation is key to any lip look. Applying product to dry, flaky lips (especially a scene-stealing colour like red!) can instantly magnify all that dryness and make your lips look terrible. A quick prep with a sugar scrub or a soft baby toothbrush and lip balm rubbed dover the lips will ensure they're smooth, moisturised and ready for anything. Just remember- makeup hates dry skin.

2. Make sure you make time to do a red lip- it's not a look that can be done quickly, straight off the bat (unless you do one every day and have it so down you could do it blindfolded). Take a little time to do it with care and you will get the payoff in lip colour that is well applied and long lasting.

3. Take your time to layer your colour. A couple of well-applied layers will add longevity and allow the first layer to absorb into your lip. After the first coat, presss your lips together to blot the colour, then re-apply.

4. Blot your lips in between every coat with a tissue and a little no-colour powder to lock it in.

5. Layer on more colour, and really press and pat it in with your brush.

6. Did you know you don't always need a lip liner, just depending on the look you're going for. Going sans pencil? Use a stiff, small lip brush to give you the precision to line the edges of your lips, then fill in.

7. Made a mess? Clean up any colour that escapes the boundaries of your lip with a bit of concealer on a brush.

And if you're still stuck or not sure? Booking a makeup artist to make your red lips look amazing is a wise move! I can show you hhow you can easily maintain them all day and night without ever having to worry about looking like a clown.

Happy red-lippying queens!


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