It's almost time to shoot!


You've got the outfits (mostly) sorted, you've practised your best poses, but there's still a bit to do before you get in front of the camera. 

Preparing in advance means you can relax on the day knowing that you've taken care of those small elements which take the focus away from where it should be.

A week or two before your shoot is a time for planning your outfits, choosing which beautification steps you will take, and scheduling the appointments (even if they’re just with yourself).


Remember, these tips are here to help prepare for your photoshoot, but are definitely not required, or even necessary for everybody. Just choose what fits in with your budget, lifestyle, and current beauty regimen, and go from there!

You’ll love knowing that your pictures have captured your most perfect self, and the end results will be something you can treasure always.


Skin care


If you have major skin concerns like acne and uneven pigmentation, it’s best to see an expert to get the situation under control well in advance. You may want to book a relaxing, hydrating facial to really refresh your skin, but be wary about trying any new products or aggressive treatment. Please avoid any medical grade treatments in the 2 weeks prior to your appointment such as peels, laser, skin needling or dermabrasion.


Compound the effects of your facial by drinking loads of water, getting adequate sleep, exercising, and maintaining a well-balanced diet. At home, wear extra sun protection, use a mild exfoliator, and apply moisturiser regularly.  And don't forget your lips- it's easier to prevent your lips from getting chapped than it is to repair them. If you spend lots of time outdoors, a thick balm with SPF 30 will keep your lips hydrated.


A week before your shoot, try a soothing, hydrating facial or a hydrating sheet mask at home.  Since facials tend to cause redness, a week usually allows enough time to heal.  For a boost on the morning of your shoot, smooth a hydrating serum onto your face to enhance your glow before heading into hair and makeup.


Shape your brows

Book a brow shaping no less than a week before your shoot to avoid any redness on the day. Ask your expert to take a conservative approach, following the natural line of your brows. The most flattering shape is full with a nice arch. Try to abstain from DIY plucking between visits.

Don't forget your teeth


You may wish to whiten your teeth, in which case you can purchase white-strips that whiten in a week or less for a quick boost, or you can check in for a clean / whiten at your dentist.  

Check in with your hair


Whether you're wearing your hair down or half up, you’ll need to get it looking as healthy as possible. Try for a couple of deep conditioning treatments at your salon or you can use your favourite deep conditioner at home.


Shampoo and condition hair the night before with a sulfate-free product if at all possible and keep hair product-free before your shoot. You will receive a confirmation email one week before with some further detailed advice on how to wash, condition, dry and prep your hair the day before.

Get a root touch up and trim


If you colour your hair, consider touching up your regrowth a few days before your photoshoot. Take heed though: this is not the time for drastic changes. Trust me! It's best to be the colour that makes you feel most like yourself. Touching up your regrowth two weeks before is ideal, as it will give the colour a chance to settle while still looking fresh, without your roots growing in.


If it’s been a while since your last haircut, even a subtle trim can make a world of difference. Have a trusted stylist do a very light trimming of the ends a week or two before.  

Hands and body


Schedule a mani to create a uniform length and shape for nails and choose a colour to complement your branding colours or your wardrobe choices. If unsure, stick to a nude tone or a french mani.


If you're into tanning, book your final pre-shoot session three days before. If you’re using an at-home tan, exfoliate before each session and then again every two to three days afterward to avoid streaks and unevenness.   


No matter what your skin type is, it craves water. Drinking lots of water helps, and snacking on naturally hydrating foods like watermelon works too. Other super foods for your face include grapefruit, cucumbers, tomatoes and kale.

Gather some inspiration

Our best advice when getting headshots taken is visualise how you want to come across in your photo. How do you want to project yourself ? 


Take a few moments to consider the tone and look you want to project in your headshots. Consider your colouring, your fave colours and outfits, your branding colours. Have a look through Pinterest or Insta and gather together a collection of shots you like the look of- from makeup, hair, posing and location choices.


And feel free to share them with your photographer, stylist, and makeup artist- this will give us a great reference point of your favourite concepts and how you want to project yourself.  The best resutlts are always achieved when we know what your vision is!


On the day checklist


  • Make yourself a playlist of your favourite uplifting tracks to get you into the zone and kick back with a coffee/ tea as you get pampered and prepped. Getting into the moment and relaxing before your shoot is key to having a fun, breezy experience.

  • Ensure you have a bare face and smooth lips(wash and apply your usual moisturiser and some lip balm/ paw paw)

  • Pop in some brightening, moisturising eye drops to make your eyes shine

  • Wear a comfy outfit (to sit in while you’re being styled) – preferably button down or one with a loose neckline

  • Ensure you've had your brows touched up / neatened beforehand

  • Remember to disclose any last-minute skin conditions to your makeup artist (eg. cold sore, breakout) so she can take steps to ensure her kit remains sanitary

  • Prepare to be pampered and to relax and have a bit of fun! This is YOUR time! 

Got any questions we haven't covered here?

Feel free to get in touch!

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