It's time to celebrate yourself.


Whether you've booked in to have a babes and bumps session, a shoot with your bestie, or a solo mama glam shoot, a little preparation can make a huge difference.

Not preparing means an otherwise perfect photo could end up with distracting elements which take the focus away from where it should be. A week or two before your shoot is a time for planning your outfits, choosing which beautification steps you will take, and scheduling the appointments (even if they’re just with yourself).


Below you'll find some ideas for preparing for your shoot. These are definitely not compulsory. Just choose what fits in with your budget and lifestyle, and go from there!

You’ll love knowing that your pictures have captured your most perfect self, and the end results will be something you can treasure always.

Photoshoot  &

Event  prep


How can I prepare for my photoshoot?

Here's some simple  things you can do to help you put your best face forward for your empowering and special photoshoot!

If you’re going into all-out pamper mode, try getting a facial to brighten and refine your skin, and clear congestion. Be sure to do your facial at least a week before your shoot to ensure that any redness has time to fade.  You may wish to whiten your teeth, in which case you can purchase white-strips that whiten in a week or less for a quick boost, or you can check in for a clean at your dentist.  For best brows, an eyebrow wax/ trim/ touch up should be booked at least a few days before your shoot. 


If you colour your hair, consider touching up your regrowth a few days before your photoshoot. Take heed though: this is not the time for drastic changes. Trust me! Neat, healthy hair is youthful and vibrant. If it’s been a while since your last haircut, even a subtle trim can make a world of difference. For best results and to make your hair look shiny and gorgeous, your salon can do a professional conditioning treatment, or you can use your favourite deep conditioner or protein pack at home.


On the day, it's best to arrive with a bare face, or as close to it as you feel comfortable. You hair should be clean and dry. In the morning after waking, try popping in some brightening, moisturising eye drops to make your eyes shine! 

Make sure your nails have been shaped/ trimmed beforehand. A neutral polish works well, but if your shoot is going to be edgy and vibrant you may wish to wear a bolder, brighter shade. The choice is yours. Just don't neglect your nails, as they do show up in photos. Ensure you brows have been neatened/ touched up so they look their best (as above). Prepare to be pampered and to relax and have a bit of fun! This is YOUR time! 

What should I bring?


For makeup and hair please bring comfy cothing that's easy to change out of once you have your hair and makeu done. We also encourage you to bring reference pictures of styles of makeup and hair that reflect the look that you're after, or even better send them throug to us prior to your glam up so we can tailor the look to you!


For a photoshot, it's best to wear a comfy outfit to sit in while you’re being styled, and that you can slip back into after we complete our shoot. We recommend bringing a comfy pair of flat shoes or sneakers (something easy to slip on and off). Some of our shoot locations are within easy walking distance to our home studio, so it's wise to wear something suitable for short walks.

Please bring a selection of outfits to wear in photos. It's best to bring a selection that represents who YOU are; these can be as flamboyant or subdued as you like! Our aim is to represent you, in all your gorgeousness. Whether that's through minimal makeup and bold accessories, flower crowns, capes, sequinned kimonos, sexy bra tops, platform boots, mesh tops, fishnets, bohemian flowy layers; the options are as limitless as your imagination. However you choose to express yourself, it is up to you. Our golden rule is- bring what you feel best in! The best photos are the ones in which the subject feels great and feels empowered, so bring things that you think you look great in and are comfortable in- we will do the rest. We also have a small selection of clothing and accessories that you are free to browse and borrow from as well on the day. 


For wet weather, please bring a light poncho or jacket with a hood. We can also supply umbrellas, but we tend not to shoot when the weather is too wet, and will have back contingency plans. 

We will supply light refreshments for your glam up session, but it's always a good idea to bring a stash of snacks especially if you get low blood sugar or have special dietary needs, plus a water bottle for once we're out and about.


If you are bringing your baby /children to have their photos taken, a small selection of outfits in complimentary colours/ tones is a good idea, as well as any thing you may need for them while they're out (snacks, water, milk, nappies, pram or carrier or friend to baby wrangle). Please just ask us if you're not sure what to bring- we're here to help. 

How long will our session take?


For a glam up session (makeup and hair) expect to spend about 90 minutes getting pampered, depending on your requirements for makeup and your hair length and stryle required.

For a photography session, we'll spend a couple of hours together making you feel amazing and coming up with a look that expresses who you are, followed by a fun, creative shoot in our studio and/ or out in nature. A standard photoshoot will run for about 45 mins to 1 hour including our travel time to our shooting location(s) and time to change outfits, have breaks etc. Our shoots are designed to be fun, empowering and relaxed, so we don't like to rush too much. For a headshot shoot, we will usually have the shoot wrapped in less time, say around 30- 40 minutes. 


I'm breastfeeding- can I bring my babe?


Of course! If you have booked in for a mums and babes session you are welcome to bring your babe with you to your glam up session and feed throughout as needed. We can break whenever you need to, and offer a safe space for you to do so. Or if it's easier for you, you are welcome to have a partner/ friend or family member bring your babe to you once we are ready to begin shooting. This way you get to experience some much needed down time getting creatively pampered  and some 'me time'. Please feel free to discuss your needs with us when booking your shoot in, and we can advise you what will work best for you and your experience.

I'm getting headshots done. How should I  prepare?


A great headshot encapsulates who you are and helps you communicate your story. Our headshot shoots are designed to tell your story, and we aim to appeal to a more creative, entrepreneurial base than corporate.

Our best advice when getting headshots taken is visualise how you want to come across in your photo. How do you want to project yourself today? As a badass lady boss who is building her empire? As a fun loving, quirky, feminist babe who loves to laugh? As a creative business owner who loves colour, big accessories and bold lipstick? You are welcome to inject a bit of flair into what you wear and how you accessorise for the day. Your photos should tell the story of you, and what you do, in all your unique glory. Take a few moments to consider the tone you want to project in your headshots. Have a look through pinterest and gather together a collection of shots you like the look of- from makeup, hair, posing and location choices. This will give us a great reference point of your favourite concepts and how you want to project yourself.  

I don't feel comfortable in front of the camera. Eep


It's ok- we completely understand how you feel! Posing and getting your photo taken, particularly when you're not used to it, can be intimidating and weird and scary. Our job is to make you relax and have fun! This day is all about you, and we will never make you do anything that you are not comfortable with. We're not looking for supermodel perfection- in fact, quite the opposite! 

Please be assured that at Killer Queen we're all about celebrating you in all your unique, badass, gorgeous glory! We are a body positive brand and we are all about celebrating your curves, your journey and your beauty. We don't judge and we truly feel that all women are queens regardless of size or skin tone or height or whatever! We aim to provide a fun, relaxed and safe space for you to be pampered and to have a lot of fun. We also know the best angles and lighting that flatter and make you look your best, so don't worry- you're going to look and feel f*cking great.

What facilities do you have at your home 


Our makeup and hair studio is fully equipped and is a private space for you to relax and be pampered. We have a private space for changing so please bring whatever clothes you need. When shooting on location I also map out where toilets and change facilities are so that you can change outfits during your shoot if we are doing several looks. We have tea and coffee facilities and there will be some light refreshments for you so you can relax and enjoy the experience and be comfortable.  Our home is centrally heated so its plush and cosy through the cooler months. 

Where are you located?


We are located at 13 Bakers Road Coburg North, just off Sydney Road. Our studio location is just minutes walking / driving distance to many stunning, amazing locations for our photoshoot, such as the iconic and historic Pentridge village, the gorgeous Coburg lake and park, and the natural and abundant Merri Creek trail.  If the weather's not great, or you're not up for a walk, we can stay inside in the cosy studio or shoot in the garden!


We have free on-street parking around our home so parking is not an issue. We are also conveniently located about a 1 minute walk from the tram 19 terminus on Sydney Road, and about a 10 minute walk from Batman train station, so we are very easy to access via PT.

If you have accessibility requirements please contact us so that we can accommodate your needs before your arrival. 

Got any questions we haven't covered here? Feel free to get in touch!

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