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hey, I'm Danee!​

Mother. Creator. Glamagician.

Cheerleader for the soul driven boss babes, fierce femmes and rebels.


In a nutshell? Tequila lover. Owner of too many shoes. Vintage fiend and glam rock obsessor. You'll often find me drooling over makeup, eyeing off the latest in beauty trends, or writing obessively about them. I'm mad for writing, I'm in love with being a mama, flowers and glitter and parties and the outdoors and summer and all the wonderful, amazing things my fabulous city of Melbourne has to offer.

I've always been creative at heart and I'm happiest when I'm painting a face, hanging out with my little man Huxley, designing, looking through a lens, making something crafty,

or planning a look.

I'm whole-heartedly passionate about supporting women to bring their dreams to life and showcase themselves to the world.

Together, we can create magic and

change the world.

Putting you at the front, telling your story, celebrating your radness

KILLER QUEEN is the brainchild of Danee Bolan, an artist and educator with nearly a decade of experience in the beauty biz.

Killer Queen was born out of Danee's insatiable love for Queen (Freddie for LIFE!), 70s fashion, music, empowerment, and living a loud and proud kickass existence.

With Killer Queen, Danee fuses her 8 years experience in the beauty industry with a burnin' hot passion for glamifying, educating, and empowering others.

Danee is constantly in high demand, styling makeup and hair for weddings, photoshoots and many special events throughout the year.

Danee is motivated and dedicated to ensuring all her clients feel fabulous and look radiant. She is deeply passionate about the art of hair styling and makeup. She is ultra professional and down to earth and using her knowledge and skills she will make you feel relaxed and confident that you will look your very best.

Fancy making some magic together?

I'm on a mission to show & teach YOU how amazing and kickass you truly are.

Find your fire and live your best life!